Centered around Framingham, Metrowest is located approximately halfway between Boston and Worcester. The region consists of nine towns (including Framingham, Ashland and Natick) with a total population of over 184,000 people and a resident work force of over 105,000.

Metrowest includes both urban and rural areas and enjoys convenient access to four major highway systems: the Massachusetts Turnpike, Route 9, I-95, and I-495.

Metrowest contains many small and medium size businesses as well as large national firms like Bose Corporation, Genzyme, Staples, and EMC.

Metrowest is home to the internationally-known Framingham Heart Study and the U.S. Army Natick Laboratories. The region also supports many different types of business activity including services, retailing and manufacturing.

Information from Framingham State University Metrowest Economic Research Center

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